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Olympus Fe 280 Drivers For Mac BEST

Ventral and dorsal views of P7 brains tagged by Neurog2CreER(G2A) (A), Neurog1CreER(G1C) (B), Neurod1CreER(D1B) (C), and Neurod4CreER(D4A) (D) drivers. The TM injection stages are indicated at the top. Magenta arrowheads 1 show cerebellar Purkinje stripes in (A), pontine nuclei in (B), and olive nuclei and other structures in the medulla in (D). Blue arrowheads 2 show the olfactory cortex and amygdala nuclei in (A) and (C), and the superior colliculus in (B). Brown arrowheads 3 show the inferior colliculus in (A), (C), and (D). Green arrowheads 4 show the area-specific distribution of superficial cortical neurons in (A), and cochlear nuclei in (B), (C), and (D). Scale bars, 1 mm.

Olympus Fe 280 Drivers For Mac


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