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There probably is not an animal on the face of the planet that can compete, blow for blow, with a dragon. With great wings for flight, fearsome claws and teeth for battle, and fiery breath that incinerates its enemies, there is just not much chance for competition. And that is why we feature this amazing beast on so many awe-inspiring dragon t-shirts. Perhaps the most important aspect of our dragon t-shirts is not how incredible they look but rather that they are incredibly comfortable, making them great garments to wear on any given day of the week when a stylized tee shirt is appropriate for wear. In addition to their comfort, our dragon t-shirts display impressive designs. Not only do the shirts feature a wide assortment of designs, ranging from dragons breathing fire to dragons attacking castles to dragons battling each other and beyond. Each design is an incredible artwork that will not only become an instant personal favorite but will also captivate and awe all those who see it. And not only do we offer plenty of awesome dragon t-shirts for adults both male and female, but we also offer childrens dragon t-shirts too, ensuring that no matter what age you are at, everyone can enjoy one of our awesome dragon t-shirts.


This design, created by 17-year-old Poinciana Hung-Haas, celebrates the community of Oakland Chinatown. The dragons, symbolizing strength and power, are inspired by murals that paint the neighborhood blocks. Their heads come together to form the shape of a heart to represent the love shared throughout the community.

High quality dye-sublimation t-shirts hand made in the USA using recycled Repreve fabrics. These highly detailed and vibrant T-shirts and Tank Tops are full coverage (front & back). Created to inspire and designed with versatility in mind. Take your shirt from the gym to a night out with ease.

This relaxed steel blue ringer t-shirt features a graphic illustration of the Hungarian Horntail dragon sitting on top of a clock. This image is reminiscent of the clock statue seen on the outside facade of the Harry Potter New York store at 935 Broadway.

The shirt possesses unique branding to the store with the name and location of Harry Potter New York wrapping around the bottom of the artwork. The official logo is sewn to a black and gold tag at the bottom right hem, while the official logo of the shop can be found in gold on the back shoulders.

Tail of the Dragon began at the Calderwood Dam Overlook in the summer of 2000. Ron and Nancy Johnson began selling T-shirts out of an Easy-up Tent. We loved the work that brought many friends into our lives and it was the start of an adventure that is still unfolding.

We opened our original T-shirt Shack at the intersection of US 129 and NC 28 in 2006 and were finally able to build a real T-shirt Shack Store in 2012. We added our new Big Metal Dragon Calestar in 2013. He has been a real hit.

About the Cab Ban This Dragon Artwork: In 1988 Powell-Peralta ran an "Artist Wanted" advertisement in TWS and Thrasher. The contest "winner" would get a job in the Powell-Peralta art department in Santa Barbara. The artist selected was Sean Cliver, mainly because his illustration style closely resembled VCJ's. Cliver's first deck design, the Barbee Ragdoll, was a departure from the traditional VCJ look, but when it came time to update the Caballero dragon, Sean emulated the master. At some point later, someone dubbed the graphic Cab "Ban This" Dragon since it was prominently featured in that video (think slow-motion sequence). Originally Released: 1988 Artwork by: Sean Cliver

John Galt comes through with fresh new graphics for the season including the Dragon T-Shirt. This everyday tee features short sleeves, a crew neckline, a dragon embroidery on the front, and a cropped fit.

John Galt brings comfy sweatshirts, basic tops, and cute knits to your rotation for every season. With an array of California and New York-inspired graphics to choose from, John Galt is where casual meets cool. It's your one-stop shop for cool California vibes, cozy pullovers, and comfy sweatpants.

One of the biggest perks our customers love is that standard shipping on any apparel order is free and guarantees your order in your hands in 14 days or less. And if you need help, our friendly & knowledgeable sales/service team is available 7 days a week to take your calls, answer your emails, and chat with you. Your custom designed t-shirts are only a few clicks away. 041b061a72

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