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The movie was shot in Chicago at the highly-regarded Field Museum of Natural History. Production was originally intended to be held at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City.[4] However, a deal could not be reached and, after taking interest in the film's premise, the Field Museum offered to let the studio shoot there instead. The film was the second on-screen collaboration between Hunt and Miller, who both worked on the film Kindergarten Cop as well.

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Because the novel portrayed the museum's administration in an unflattering light, they turned the film's producers down.[6] Paramount Pictures offered the museum a seven-figure sum of money to film there, but the administration was worried that the monster movie would scare kids away from the museum. The producers were faced with a problem as only museums in Chicago and Washington, D.C., resembled the one in New York. The Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago loved the premise and allowed them to shoot there.[6]

Despite the negative reviews, the film gained a strong following. Lead actress, Penelope Ann Miller is fond of the film: "It had a lot of things in it that were definitely out there. But it was a good scary movie."[18]

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But the Australian-Japanese director also told Insider that she wasn't bothered by comparisons between her movie "Relic" and "Hereditary," both of which deal with family trauma and supernatural occurrences.

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"Built in Ming Jiajing for forty-four years (1565 AD), the title "Shiji Zhongzhi", the inscription Fan Zhongyan famously said "the first world worries and worries, the next world happiness and joy", so commonly known as "the first worry and the later music" square. In 1957, it was listed as a cultural relics protection unit in Jiangsu Province, In 1963, it was repaired and reinforced by the Suzhou Cultural Relics Custody Committee, and it was demolished in the summer of 1966. In 1989, in order to commemorate Fan Wenzheng's thousandth birthday, a stone square was built in front of the Tianping Fan Wenzheng Gongzhonglie Temple.

Jeff and Christian are joined by Anthony Carboni from Rev3Games, who has some harsh words about the announcement of an offline single player mode for SimCity in Story of the Week. For some reason, Christian thinks a few tweets about Ridley Scott and a Halo movie is the big news, while Jeff is more interested in Sony's 14 for 14 sale and the Awesome Games Done Quick guys raising $1 million for charity. Anthony hips the guys to the arrival of the new Indie title. Nidhogg, and OlliOlli has everyone reminiscing about extreme sports games. Then, Jeff's got one of his very favorite board games to suggest for tabletop time in Power Grid. All that, plus your phone calls!

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